GenLex Submission Guidelines

GenLex – What is it?

GenLex is an online magazine geared towards encouraging and inspiring the next generation of world-class attorneys. This publication aims to supply young lawyers with early career guidance, insight into the profession, early publishing experience, and an opportunity to network.

GenLex is about you – your interests, career expectations, the obstacles you face, and the impact you plan to make. GenLex gives young legal professionals an outlet to share their experiences and inspire the legal community at large.

What are we looking for?

New lawyers look to GenLex magazine for content on a wide range of topics, from how to become a better leader and advance your career, to how to handle student loan debt and lifestyle topics.

The GenLex Editorial Board is currently seeking articles covering the following categories:

  • Career
  • Personal Finance
  • Students / Internships / Clerkships
  • New Frontiers / Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • True Stories

We’re looking for original content that provides our readers with a level of uniqueness. Tell us about the warning signs of a toxic internship; getting paid in cryptocurrency; how to erase student loans; how to budget a mortgage. Review a good book on environmental law. Discuss the legal thinking around AI, robotics, drones, or designer DNA. Share your insight on successful associate style and dress.

Submission Guidelines

GenLex publishes carefully curated content selected from nationwide submissions by law students just finishing school and graduates in the first five years of their careers.

Articles submitted for publication in GenLex are carefully reviewed by members of the Editorial Board (volunteer legal professionals) who specialize in each of our areas of focus. The Editorial Board attempts to respond to all submissions within two weeks of receipt. You may contact our Senior Editor at [hidden email] for a status update of your article review. Please allow at least two weeks from your submission date before you inquire.

Manuscript Format:

GenLex is not a formal legal journal, but rather conveys valuable information in an easy to read, conversational tone with a professional flair. Feel free to include bullet points, lists, pro tips, or other tools to clarify your message.

Submissions should be in Word format, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt. In general, GenLex follows the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition, and The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th Edition). Articles are typically 300–800 words with longer features at 1,500–2,000 words.

Author Bio:

All article submissions must include the following:

  • Author name
  • Author email address
  • Semi-professional to professional photo. Photo must be free to use. Please supply photographer name if you want GenLex to credit photographer.
  • Three- to five-sentence bio about yourself. Our Senior Editor can work with you if you do not already have one.


Content must be original or attributed correctly to the original source. It is your responsibility as the contributor to make sure that there is no copyright infringement and to affirm all work is your own.

Manuscripts under consideration for publication elsewhere should not be submitted. GenLex will not publish previously published articles or those that are substantially similar to previously published work, in part or whole.

We do permit authors to repost their published article on personal blogs with the appropriate canonical tag listing GenLex as the original source. Any questions can be directed to our Senior Editor Mercedes Espinoza at [hidden email].

How to Submit:

Submit manuscripts, photos and author bios to our Senior Editor at [hidden email]. We welcome multiple or ongoing submissions. GenLex does not accept simultaneous submissions.

Contributor of the Month

Once a month. GenLex will spotlight one article author as “Contributor of the Month.” This author will receive a $500 cash prize to help pay for student loans, living expenses, or perhaps that new watch you’ve been eyeing.

Please send all general submission questions to our Senior Editor Mercedes Espinoza at [hidden email].

Please note the content on this site is user-generated/submitted and should be viewed as opinion pieces and solely a contributor’s own thoughts and experiences.