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GenLex is about you, young lawyers who have stories to tell. Whether you’ve just experienced a “don’t” at a clerkship or just experienced your first large case settlement, GenLex is curated content from user submissions to entertain, inspire, and empathize as you navigate the pitfalls and often shark-infested waters of law practice today. We welcome email queries but encourage you to review our submission guidelines page. We’ve also included information about our Contribution of the Month cash prize. Please send all general submission questions to our Sr. Editor Mercedes Espinoza at [hidden email].

About the Publisher

John Uustal is one of America’s premier trial lawyers and co-founder of Kelley-Uustal, one of the nation’s leading catastrophic injury and wrongful death law firms. Uustal leads a team of 24 elite trial lawyers, plus paralegals, investigators, and staff.

He takes on some of the most complex and difficult legal cases of our time. He will only accept a small handful of cases so that he can give each one the attention it deserves.

John is well-known for standing up to powerful corporations. He has been threatened both physically and financially while fighting to expose misconduct at the highest levels, misconduct that resulted in catastrophic injury to his clients.

John’s work on behalf of families facing unnecessary injury and death has resulted in safer vehicles, safer products, and ultimately safer consumers.

John Uustal thrives on the challenge of taking cases that other lawyers consider too risky or too complex. His greatest victories have been in cases that were turned down by other law firms; even in cases where the perpetrator seems obvious, he has found hidden culprits who were also responsible.

Powerful companies often excel at hiding their tracks so that even experienced lawyers miss the claim, leaving victims without recourse. These are the cases John finds most satisfying – where he can uncover malfeasance and identify financially responsible parties.

John Uustal launched GenLex in 2018 as a platform to share powerful and canny user-generated content for savvy lawyers to share their knowledge as they navigate law school, law practice, life as a lawyer, and beyond.

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If you are a member of the media and have any questions or would like to interview any of our team members, connect with Maggie at [hidden email].

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